Saturday, April 26, 2008

newborn shopping list after birth.

As I've said before, I hate to buy things for thumper. It's been made easier by the fact that I work from home, so I could afford the time to do things the slower way. We have not bought a stroller nor a high chair yet. We have gotten all our clothes from our friends and family.

Anyways, here are my list of things I've bought after I gave birth, other than toys. Toys are in a separate list I'll keep updating it as I go.

Trying to go for more natural, less plastic, and yet pretty affordable products.
  1. Gerber Soft Infant Spoon (4-10 months)

  2. Silicone tip and metal handle. Easy on the gums, harder to put in than using our metal 1/4 teaspoon because it's bigger. Shallower too.

  3. Innovia Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor

  4. A great product to have when your baby gets sick and you're worried that they have an ear infection but it's after hours or weekends.

  5. Nail clipper

  6. We clipped Thumper's nails by tearing it off for a few months. But eventually I succumbed and bought a little nail clipper. It don't clip the nails that often actually as she somehow always tears them off by herself. But the emery board comes in real handy when you want to file it all the way down. It's hard to clip that close to the finger w/o clipping them.

  7. REI Kid Tag-along backpack

  8. At 17 pounds, Thumper is getting a bit heavy for us old folks to tote her around in the Ergo Carrier. Shocking isn't it? Since the Ergo is rated for minimum 15 pounds. I already have a bad back so it's bad for me to carry her on the front. We've switched her over to the back but that's kind of tough on the shoulders too. So two weeks ago (@ 7 1/2 months), we bought the baby hiking carrier. It's a pain to put on and for quick trips I still prefer the Ergo. But it's definitely better in terms of support and baby can also sit higher and see more.

  9. Toys

  10. I finally succumbed today and bought Thumper some new toys Her toys have been getting pitifully small as I realize that half of them are clothe (and therefore bad if we use bad detergent) and the other half are plastic (bad also since they were mostly gifts and I have no idea what kind of plastic they are).

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