Monday, May 12, 2008

Things you can adapt for baby use.

Since I don't like buying things, I've discovered that I can adapt other items from the house for baby use.

  1. Grater

  2. We use a regular grater to puree apples and pears. It's not in pure puree format but it's darn close. Saves me the trouble of getting a food mill.

  3. Blender

  4. We've been using the blender to puree bananas, mangos, strawberries. Our blender comes a small container for making smoothies. And it's perfect for pureeing Thumper's food. I'm foregoing buying a food mill for now.

  5. Measuring cups

  6. Replaces baby stacking cups. Used as a regular toy or bath toy.

  7. 1/4 teaspoon

  8. Just the right size as a baby spoon. We ended up buying real baby spoons because ours was metal. But if you had a plastic shallow (not the half moon size ones) measuring spoon, they probably could double as a feeding spoon.

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