Friday, February 13, 2009

Review: Haba Sticki-Bausteine & Haba Pyramis

Finally sprung for another toy for Thumper last week. She's 16 months now and I figured it was time to get some age appropriate toys for her. At her age, she's supposed to be into push/pull, open/close, stacking etc. Given how easily she loses interest in any toys she's received as gifts, it took me awhile to decide that I'd spend the money on some more blocks. We have the Haba Erste Steine Wooden Baby Blocks and she hasn't been too interested in them. But I figured that with these she can actually stack!

These are really well made blocks; they feel solid in your hands, the colors are bright, and they're very big, just right for a toddler's hands. I'd probably get more of these rather than Legos till she's of Lego age.

I bought the blocks since Thumper had been playing with stacking circles on a pole at the nanny's place. But I think these blocks may still be a bit too old for her. She doesn't quite get the concept of fitting the holes of one block into the pertuding part of another. For the Pyramis, she just like to put the largest circle block into the largest hole. For the Sticki-Bausteine, I told her the little triangles are hats that she can put on the long blocks. And she has fun commanding me to put the hats on the blocks. But otherwise, the blocks are still too old for her to actually stack with.

So what's the verdict
All in all, I love the blocks and I'm hoping in another month or two, she'll be totally obsessed with putting one block on top of another.

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