Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Astroboy's newborn vaccine schedule

With a second kid, it's time to revisit the vaccine schedule to see what vaccines we're going to get. I think we're probably going to do it a bit differently this time because we have a sibling who gets exposed to all sorts of stuff and we now have a busier social life with playdates and other exposures to kids. Plus, we live in an area where there are lower vaccination rates for many of the diseases.

I havn't quite decided on what the schedule is going to be yet. But for sure, first up is the DTap. Don't actually think we're going to be exposed to it ourselves because the children we hang out with day to day are already vaccinated. But since Thumper will be exposed to preschool children soon, I'm going to just follow the 2/4/6 months schedule on this one.

In between 2/4/6 months, we probably will get one more vaccine because we're traveling overseas. I havn't quite decided which one yet. We skipped the Rotavirus the first time around. But the country we're visiting doesn't give out Rotavirus vaccine so I'm kind of worried; especially because it's a very densely populated country. Another option is HiB or Pc. I have heard that Pc is pretty prevalent there and this is the area where newer strains not covered by the vaccine are endemic. I need to go to the US State Travel advisory website to read up on it and also the country we're visiting's own website to see what vaccines they give to children.

More research to do!

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